The thing about purging is when you are going thru everything that you have…at the time, you think you are getting rid of things you don’t need or want…and you are and it’s hard… but if you wait a couple weeks and see if what you kept is still needed or used, you may find, as we have…we clearly still have too much stuff and we don’t use it….We haven’t been adding, we just have a lot of stuff…and stuff is just stuff…. So the purge continues….it is a continuous process….

We Did It!

We finally did it. We sold just about everything we own and bought a trailer and a truck. We are hitting the road. Our plan is to stay in a place for 2-3 months and learn all about it. We will record all we learn here and tell you what is fun or interesting about each place.

We will stay in touch by email and by posting here. We always love hearing from friends and family so don’t be shy. Send us a note using the contact form or email us.

We’re off to see the Wizard!